Navigating Microsoft’s Latest Programme Changes

Navigating Microsoft's Latest Programme Changes

Microsoft for Nonprofits Program Changes – changes are coming to the Microsoft for Nonprofits program. Learn more about what this means for TechSoup members. Get Ready for the Next Evolution of Microsoft’s Nonprofit Offers Microsoft is updating its nonprofit programs in order to streamline its offers — and to focus more intently on its cloud-based …

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Selecting The Right Microsoft 365 and Office 365 for Your Nonprofit: Which Options Are Available?

The Right Microsoft 365 and Office 365 for Your Nonprofit

For years, TechSoup has partnered with Microsoft to provide nonprofits with the core solutions they need for their organizations. While traditional desktop and on-premises products available through TechSoup’s Microsoft Discount and Donation Programs can be incredibly useful and valuable, many nonprofits are now looking at more flexible, resilient, and secure solutions provided by Microsoft’s cloud-based products.

Helping Faith-Based Organisations Navigate Today’s Challenges

Helping Faith-Based Organisations Navigate Today's Challenges

Faith-based organisations originally saw the coronavirus pandemic as a temporary disruption. A few virtual services and things would be normal again. But, while some organisations have gone back to something near normal, it doesn’t mean that everyone feels safe attending again. It may seem impossible to focus on engagement when you don’t have your members in front of you.

Increase Your Nonprofit’s Security Using the Microsoft Cloud

Increase Your Nonprofit's Security Using the Microsoft Cloud

This article gives you the basics on what you need to know about threats to your nonprofit’s data, and how you can help ensure that it is protected and compliant with security standards when hosted on the Microsoft Cloud. We’ll review two-factor authentication, setting up a data loss prevention policy, and how to make sure that only authorized and compliant devices can access your data.

How to Keep Your Congregation Involved with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

How to Keep Your Congregation Involved with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

As the pandemic wears on and faith-based organisations have some services and programs that are in-person and some online, it is hard to keep members interested and involved month after month. By faith-based organisations we mean churches, synagogues, mosques, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and other temples — as well as charitable organisations affiliated with a religious group. Faith-based and religious organisations can now get the same Microsoft and Office 365 discounts and free offers that charities get. We’ll explain what these licenses can do for you and how to get them.

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