Navigating Microsoft’s Latest Programme Changes

Microsoft for Nonprofits Program Changes – changes are coming to the Microsoft for Nonprofits program. Learn more about what this means for TechSoup members.

Get Ready for the Next Evolution of Microsoft’s Nonprofit Offers

Microsoft is updating its nonprofit programs in order to streamline its offers — and to focus more intently on its cloud-based solutions. Additionally, Microsoft is modernizing and unifying its fulfillment systems across all industries and sectors worldwide.

These changes began to roll out in mid-December 2021. The changes will impact the way that you request and download Microsoft’s on-premises products in 2022. The selection of products available to nonprofits and libraries will change, too.

These changes apply only to Microsoft’s on-premises products. These are the products for which you pay once and use for as long as you’d like. Microsoft’s cloud offers will not be impacted.

Navigating Microsoft's Latest Programme Changes

TechSoup has always advocated for the needs of the sector in order to provide organizations access to technology and support so they can use it to their best advantage. We’re keenly aware that these changes may affect the day-to-day operations of your nonprofit.

In order to equip you and your nonprofit with the most up-to-date information in the clearest way possible, we’ve created a resource below where you can keep track of the timeline of when certain changes go into effect, along with all the necessary resources you’ll need to manage the process along the way. If your nonprofit will be affected, we urge you to contact us via our free consultation form below.

04 January 2022

  • New Process for Requesting On-Premises Products Takes Effect – to request Microsoft products from TechSoup, your nonprofit will need a Microsoft for Nonprofits account. Microsoft will verify your organization’s eligibility. You’ll then need to give TechSoup consent to provide you with your requested licenses.

Resource: How To Create A Microsoft For Nonprofits Account (PDF)

  • New Process for Downloading On-Premises Microsoft Products Takes Effect – starting January 4, most on-premises products you will request will be available through the Microsoft 365 Administration Portal. A Microsoft 365 cloud subscription is not required. You will have five days to download the software that you’ve requested. If you miss this download period, we’ll be able to provide you with a new download link. Additionally, Microsoft will only offer current versions of most products. You will no longer be able to automatically downgrade to earlier versions of the products that you requested from TechSoup.
  • Software Assurance No Longer Included with Donated On-Premises Products – donated Microsoft products will no longer include Software Assurance benefits. This applies only to Microsoft products in our catalog labeled “Donation.” If you need Software Assurance, you will be able to request it separately. Discounted Microsoft products with Software Assurance will still be available.

04 April 2022

  • Limited On-Premises Product Donation Program Begins – effective 04 April 2022, Microsoft will offer only select products as donated on-premises licenses to nonprofits:
  1. Eligible nonprofits will be able to request donated Windows Pro licenses through TechSoup.
  2. Eligible nonprofits will be able to request donated licenses of select Microsoft products for public-access computers. Libraries will not be eligible for these licenses.
  3. If you are in a country where Microsoft Azure is not available, you will be able to request donated Microsoft server products.

This applies only to on-premises items in our Microsoft catalog that are labeled “Donation.” Cloud offers and discounted on-premises licenses will still be available. These are the items in our Microsoft catalog that are labeled “Discount.” These discounts represent a savings of up to 75 percent compared to retail pricing. Many cloud offers will also remain available as a donation.

Resource: Microsoft Changes FAQ

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    This is a period of change for us all. We are learning through your questions, navigating new systems, and learning from Microsoft directly.

    Above all, we want to help you and ensure little disruption to your technology, productivity, or budget planning. Technology changes, but our mission remains the same. We are here to support the ecosystem of nonprofits around the world. Thank you in advance for your patience as we try to navigate this period of change as smoothly as possible.

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